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CV Info

title Finance, Accounting, Management

After I graduated from high school I was admitted by the University of Cyprus at which I obtained my BSc in Public and Business Administration. My next educational goal was to specialize myself in the area of finance and for that purpose I attended the MSc in Finance offered by the Lancaster University in UK. I also obtained the MSc in Economic Analysis offered by the University of Cyprus through which I developed substantially my knowledge in the more widen area of economics. Finally, in the framework of lifelong learning and continuing education, I have obtained professional qualification certificates in management and finance spectrums as well as participated in several seminars and training programmes organized in Cyprus and abroad.

During and after I finished my academic studies I earned substantial working experience relevant to my educational background by working in investment firms as well as in accounting, financial, and business consultancy firms. In particular, I was offered the opportunity to deal with corporate finance and information technology projects, financial compliance and internal audit issues, investment analysis and recommendation processes, bookkeeping and financial statement preparation. Furthermore, through my working experience I developed substantially my communication and interpersonal skills as well as my organizational and team skills.

Job Experiences

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Education Level Master

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Country Cameroon
Nationality Cypriot
Gender Male
Driving licence Yes
Age 44

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Negotiable
Employment Type Full Time , Part Time