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CV Info

title My professional info

To enrich my experiences and think about my professional future I want to work abroad France, in the Europe from October to December 2019. That would be allow me enrich my CV, discover a new culture, enrich my foreign languages, etc.

Job Experiences

I have experience in the social fields and like activity leader. First of all, I did my 1st year DUT internship in “Maison des jeunes” or teenagers home/club. More,i worked and did internship on leasure centers. Also, i’ve been soccer coach in 2014-2015 for the little girl. To finsih, I did my Licence internship in realase on a Social Center.

Education Level Bachelor

I’m 21 yeard old and I just finished my studies. I did a “DUT Carrières Sociales option animation sociale et sociculturelle “ and a “Licence Sciences Sociales parcours animation sociale, éducative, culturelle et de loisirs” in the social fields.

Country Costa Rica
Nationality French
Gender Female
Driving licence Yes
Age 23

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Negotiable
Available to Start 2019-09-29
If Temporary Job availability ends 2019-12-19
Employment Type Full Time , Part Time , Seasonal