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CV Info

title Mr

Former trainee at the European Parliament Office in Cyprus, interested in a governmental sector career, such as diplomacy and civil service, and with a strong interest in large IGOs, like the European Union and the United Nations. Interested also in multinational corporations offering opportunities like business management, administration and marketing. Previous 2-month intern at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cyprus and a 1-month intern at the Cypriot Parliament, developed my skills in research, writing, organisation and communication. Experienced in political organisation, international relations and political security. Seeking to use my experience to the benefit of national/international governmental organisations, as well as large international corporations, offering advice and sharing knowledge.

Job Experiences

Trainee, European Parliament Office in Cyprus - 10/19-02/20
MEP Assistant, EPP/DISY - 06/18
Intern, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Cyprus - 06/17-08/17
Intern, Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service - 11/16-02/17
MP Assistant, Cyprus Greens/Citizens Cooperation - 09/16

Education Level Master

University College London (UCL) - MSc Security Studies, Merit

University of Nottingham - BA (Honours) Politics and International Relations, 2:1

Country Cameroon
Nationality Cypriot
Gender Male
Driving licence Yes
Driving Category B
Age 29

Expected Job Info

Salary Type Negotiable
Employment Type Full Time , Seasonal , Remote