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Code Gender Education Experience Nationality Updated  
135 Male

My experience turns around marketing and sales. Also I have long experience organizing sports events.

Spanish 22/01/2016 More
367 Female

I've been working as a kindergarten teacher, seller and nanny. I enjoy to challenge myself to try and learn new things. And most of all I give my best to do a great job.

Estonian 27/06/2016 More
387 Male

Currently working In a 5* luxury hotel in Doha as a commis 1.have been working in the kitchen for more than 5 years now. Was assigned in different section in the kitchen such as hot section, cold section and butchery. Have knowledge in menu planning and HACCP standards.

Filipino 07/07/2016 More
393 Male

more that 40 years

Romanian 09/07/2016 More
451 Female

customer service, till operatin, guest services

Polish 18/08/2016 More
482 Male

Been working as officer for abellon clean energy.
Been working in the shop as merchandiser from 2008 to 2013.

Indian 15/09/2016 More
522 Male

over 20 years

Romanian 21/10/2016 More
604 Male

Sales, Customer Service, Restaurants, Waiter, Cashier, Warehouse Manager

Cypriot 31/01/2017 More
653 Male

more than 13 years in a la cart,catering, fine dinning,hotels.

Romanian 07/03/2017 More
659 Male

Receptionist in Hotel on board/HR officer

Bulgarian 12/03/2017 More