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Code Gender Education Experience Nationality Updated  
103 Male

College of Technology,

Techmahindra Ghana Limited

Ghanan 09/12/2015 More
393 Male

more that 40 years

Romanian 09/07/2016 More
604 Male

Sales, Customer Service, Restaurants, Waiter, Cashier, Warehouse Manager

Cypriot 31/01/2017 More
664 Male

Please see attached CV.

British 15/03/2017 More
724 Male

•Completed three-year diploma in computer science from CT polytechnic college, shahpur, Jalandhar, Punjab, India

•Pursuing bachelors in computer science in American college, Nicosia, Cyprus


Indian 14/06/2017 More
765 Male


Cypriot 11/09/2017 More
767 Male

See attached CV

See attached CV

Romanian 13/09/2017 More
785 Male

All in CV.

All in CV.

Cypriot 02/11/2017 More
929 Male

More than 4 years

Greek 04/03/2019 More
134 Female

LLM In International Business Law and Batchelor in Law LLB and a foundation course.

Pupil Advocate at Chrysses Demetriades. CO.LLC,Nicosia,Cyprus in 2012-2013 (One year pupillage for attending the Cyprus Association Bar Exam)

Trainee at Michalakis Kyprianou Lcc ( 3 months in summer time).

Lawyer at Doros Kakoullis Law from November 2013 to 2015

Three year experience in courts in all Kind of law (Family Law,Labour Law,Criminal Law,civil Law,family...

Cypriot 18/01/2016 More