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Code Gender Education Experience Nationality Updated  
103 Male

College of Technology,

Techmahindra Ghana Limited

Ghanan 09/12/2015 More
117 Male

Radboud University Masters in Information Science
Games For Health European conference 2-3 November. From 09:00-18:00
Introduction to Cyber Security Diploma/- Open University United Kingdom: June 2015
Online Webinars: Provided by ISACA and BrightTalk: Available constantly

University of Wolverhampton. September 2011- July 2014 BSc (Hons) Business Information...

MAS (Mark Group) June-July2013 (5 weeks 8h-10h per day) Direct Field Sales Function: Promoting products through direct field sales. Duties: Work in a team and as team leader in order to succeed advertisement and in direct sales

Armored Unit August 2009 - July 2011 (8h - 10h per day) Function: Food supplies. Duties: Assistant Manager in Food supplies warehouse and Restaurant...

Cypriot 29/12/2015 More
110 Male

Sept. 2010 – Jun. 2014 University of Leeds – MEng, BEng (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (2:1)
Modules: Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers
Energy Systems and Controls
Power Electronics and Drives
Electric Power Generation by Renewable
Meng Individual Project

Sept. 2001 – Jun. 2008 Lanitio Lyceum...

May. 2015 – Present Lab Technician – U-TX Technologies Ltd
Duties/Responsibilities: Electrical and mechanical assembly of equipment/soldering, installation of hardware and testing, configuration of products (software & hardware), troubleshooting electrical system errors during production.
Skills Gained: teamwork, communication skills, flexibility, interpersonal abilities,...

Cypriot 10/01/2016 More
130 Female



Indian 12/01/2016 More
133 Male

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Customer Service Technician
Dealing with customers on a daily basis; including setup, installation, maintenance and support for problems trouble shooting of point of sales (POS) machines and maintaining software.
Giving support to customers by phone or in person for any problem they may have [LAN line, Ethernet, cables, connectivity]

December 2006 – October 2010

Cypriot 15/01/2016 More
142 Female

sales in queen alai international airport (Jordan) for 1 year

Jordanian 31/01/2016 More
128 Female



Indian 02/03/2016 More
230 Male

Computer Science

22 years as a Manager

Cypriot 21/03/2016 More
258 Female

BA Psychology (G.P.A 2,80)European University Cyprus, Nicosia (Cyprus) Courses: Statistics in psychology ,Spss data analysis,Biopsychology, Psychopathology,Public Speaking,Instruction in Expository Writing,Technical Writing,
Essex University, Colchester (United Kingdom), Colchester (United Kingdom)
Undergraduate degree, in Psychology

11/2014–05/2015 Store Manager
Xefournismata, Nicosia (Cyprus)
Supervising employees, Cash Control manager,

04/2014–10/2014 Call Center
Grohe Marketing, Nicosia (Cyprus)
Position entailing contacting & Informing and updating international clients about Grohe New products & prices .

Sales representative
Germanos, Nicosia (Cyprus)

Cypriot 01/04/2016 More
284 Male

ΙΙΕΚ ΠΑΣΤΕΡ, πτυχίο: Χειριστής Ιατρικών Συσκευών Απεικονίσεων.
Ενιαίο Λύκειο (θεωρητική κατεύθυνση)

Υπεύθυνος καταστήματος - Πωλητής , σε κατάστημα λιανικής , οργάνων γυμναστικής και ειδών διατροφής.
Ταμείο, πώληση ,έλεγχος καταστήματος, αποθήκης - αποθεμάτων, παραγγελία - παραλαβή εμπορευμάτων, επικοινωνία με πελάτες, επίτευξη στόχων.

Greek 15/04/2016 More